I LOVE the Cedar Cold Frame!! Last year I planted lettuce, spinach and beets and they took off with the help of the enhanced heat inside the cold frame. It extended the growing season well into fall. The brackets in two sizes for keeping it open are convenient and easy to use. The cold frame fit inside an existing raised bed perfectly and was really easy to set up. Everyone who has seen it has wanted to know where I got it. It’s well built and very light so moving it is no problem. I planted lettuce about 10 days ago and it looks great. Looking forward to another wonderful growing season with my Cedar Cold Frame!
— Lin F.

We first saw Cedar Cold Frames at the Eugene Green Home Show in the winter of 2014. We were so impressed with the design and the possibilities, that we purchased one on the spot. The next day Eric and Elise delivered it to our back yard.

During the next few months, inside that one cold frame, we produced dozens of veggie and flower starts including about 100 tomato plants - 8 different varieties! We enjoyed the bounty of a prolific organic garden and were happy to share extra starts with grateful family members, friends and neighbors.

We had such a positive experience with the Cedar Cold Frame last year that we’ve already got seeds planted in it for 2015. We saved so much $$$ last year by growing all our plants from seed. And we chose our favorite organic non-GMO and often heirloom seeds. And the ergonomics of the waist-high style is so easy on our backs!
— R & M Postal Eugene, OR

We used the cold frame to get a head start on our vegetables, mostly tomatoes. The cold frame is easy to assemble and it provided good protection for our young seedlings. By the time they were reaching the top of the enclosure they were ready to plant. Instead of growing long and lanky as they would inside the house, the box provides plenty of light so the plants grow evenly and strong. The box top opens easy to allow more air on warmer days. Once the plants were on their own, the cold box breaks down flat and is easy to store.

You can see the abundant tomato crop in the attached pictures. We had 23 tomato plants, 12 peppers and other seedlings in the box from early April. None died even through cold nights. We live in Portland Oregon. We are very pleased with the cold box and are getting ready to use it again this year.
— Jan & Marianne

We are very pleased with our cold frame over the past 2 winters. We are able to harvest spinach and Swiss chard all winter long, and actually this winter was on the mild side in Eugene so we are growing more than we can keep up with! It is the perfect size for 6 chard, 6 spinach, and 6 lettuce. The polycarbonate and cedar withstand full southern exposure sun, and it is easy to adjust the top lid for ventilation.

The thin walls and light weight make it easy to reposition around our raised bed between growing seasons, for crop rotation. We have gale force winds occasionally, and the structure is as sturdy as when we bought it. We ran one of our sprinkler heads under the wall and into the frame for summertime irrigation, which of course means the cedar gets wet and dries out as often as twice a day in summer, with no visible degradation.

We happily recommend your cold frames to everyone!
— Sue and Art P., Eugene Oregon (and Sandy, the cat)

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how pleased I have been with your company and product. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so happy with anything I’ve ordered. This experience has taken me back to the day when mom-and-pop companies (committed to serving the customer and offering the best quality possible) thrived in America.

The solid and precise construction combined with clearly written and illustrated instructions made it a pleasure to assemble. We even let our five year old grandson help (with close supervision, of course).

Your kind and immediate response regarding the piece that was broken in transit was impressive and leaves me nostalgic for the days when there were more “made in America” companies to choose from.

I am enclosing some photos. The area between the frames is where my two cedar bee hives will soon be placed. I will be adding cedar chips around and between the frames and more soil inside, effectively seating the frames deeper into the ground. When I have some prettier pictures, I will update you. Meanwhile I just had to tell you that I don’t know how I got by before without these wonderful cedar cold frames.
— Sylvia T.

Since buying the cold frame in Feb of 2014 I have grown three excellent crops of lettuce, some of which we are currently enjoying. We also had a fantastic crop of carrots in spring 2014, the best carrots we have had in ten years. We also were able to grow great sweet peppers for the first time.

The assembly instructions were straight forward and easy to follow. Even with snow on the outside we were able to get our first crop of lettuce without heaters. It has also withstood a wind storm. If I could purchase this cold frame in Canada I would love to have two more of them.
— Gary S. Victoria B.C.

I used my Cedar Cold Frame for the first time in Spring 2014. I grew several different types of Coleus, Salvia, New Guinea Impatiens, Rudbeckias, and herbs from seed over winter. Finally, in early spring I started to move my flats into the Cedar Cold Frame (Attached Pictures). The flats stayed in the Cedar Cold Frame from about March to early May (Zone 5) with no problems. The Cedar Cold Frame sits on the south side of my home, and a few time in late April the temperatures in the cold frame rose to 100F. But luckily, the Cedar Cold Frame venting mechanism is easy to use, so I did not bake any of my plants.

My wife and I are moving to a new house come April 2015 and the Cedar Cold Frame is definitely coming with us. Our new home comes with a half acre lot, which I plan to use as our perennial garden. Since I enjoy growing perennials and annuals from seed the Cedar Cold Frame will be a handy tool.

As an avid gardener in upstate New York, I needed considerable space to germinate and to harden off my seedlings. Unfortunately, most portable greenhouses that feature a heavy plastic over light weight metal shelving are not substantial enough to withstand heavy winds and they definitely do not protect against frost. However, my cedar cold frame does the trick. This morning when the temperature was down to 32° the temperature inside the cold frame was 57.5°. The size of this frame allows me to double stack the 1020 trays, so I can fit up to 8 trays at a time. Since I put the cold frame on my second story deck, I attached it to a raised bed that contains a gravel, a heating mat and sand. That way I can germinate on the bottom row while also keeping my seedlings protected until it is time to plant in mid- May.

Thanks for making a great product.

We wanted to thank you for your cold frame idea/design. We put ours into good use this past season and saved some of last fall’s greens as well as starting new seeds over winter. We are now in April and still enjoying all the goodies - cilantro, carrots, kale, radishes, and lettuce!
— Debbie and Alan

We purchased our Germination Station from Cedar Cold Frame a year ago. When it arrived we were pleased to find it easy to assemble and well made. Having the frame on legs makes it so ideal to work with. The first growing season we were able to start many seeds and harden them off in the frame. We just planted this years seeds and within just a few days there are sprouts. On a trip to Florida this winter we brought home a sago palm start, it wasn’t doing so well in the house due to lack of enough sunshine, we put the sago in the greenhouse a couple of months ago and it is doing well!
— Theresa